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The unique MiriVita products help form the foundation for an opportunity to not only transform your health, but also your entire life. As you share these products with others, you can begin earning quick bonuses and establishing a new residual income stream that can last years into the future. With MiriVita, financial security can be yours. 

Retail Customer Sales:  You are paid on all direct retail sales you make as well as rebates on personal sales!

Fast Start Bonus:  $80.00
for every new Business Center Kit you sell!  As you grow your team and qualify, earn additional Fast Start Bonuses up to $120.00 on new Business Center kits you sell.

4 Level Residual Plan:
  You are paid commissions on direct sales and commissions on sales made through Customer Reps on your team up to 4 levels underneath you as you build your team and qualify!

Level 5 Generational Bonus: 
Enjoyoverride  earnings on products sold to infinity as you build your team and qualify!

Incentive Bonuses:
  As you grow your team and qualify, receive trips, products or cash bonuses to reward your efforts.

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